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Las Vegas is the number one tourist destination in the United States for good reason. There are literally thousands of fun and exciting things to do everyday of the week while you are there. The managers and staff of love to travel regardless of the fact most of them use wheelchairs. Here are some of their top tips to ensure you will have an absolute wonderful time on your Las Vegas Vacation:

Before you go

  1. Get a cheap flight – hit & and type in your dates. Once you see the range of flights and prices decide which airline will work best for your trip. Then go directly to that airlines own website (Ie., etc.) to book your flight – it’ll be the cheapest way to go.
  2. Make a vacation plan – think about what shows you want to see, where you want to eat, and what you want to do while down there. Your most precious commodity while on holidays in Vegas is your time – So don’t waste a second. Once you have your plans in place be sure and check with or start hitting the websites below to check for every discount and special deal you can on what you plan to do!
  3. Learn to play the games – a casino can be a fun place to be, but losing your money foolishly sucks big time. Don’t bet a dime unless you know the game you are playing inside and out. The following games are the ONLY games where the odds are not totally stacked in the casinos favor if you learn to play them correctly.
    1. Blackjack – just go to any casino gift shop and buy a $2.00 blackjack strategy card. Study it a bit & bring it along to the table with you. It’ll show you how to play every hand perfectly helping to even the odds.
    2. Craps – while it looks complicated, this dice game is actually pretty simple. Check out some info sites about craps online to learn the best bets & then just stick with them. Play the pass line, take odds when appropriate, and play the 6 and the 8 numbers. That’s really all you have to remember to help keep your chips on your side of the table.
    3. Video Poker – forget playing slot machines - they suck money – video poker (like Jacks or Better) is what you want to learn. You can find free websites online that’ll teach you what to do for every hand you are dealt in this game too. Practice the game until your good then hit the casino floor and find the Jacks or Better payback machines that give you 9 quarters back for hitting a full house and 6 quarters back for hitting a flush when you bet a single quarter. This one tip alone will have you wanting to thank us later.

Once you hit Vegas

  1. Grab and go through all the “freebie” Vegas magazines – every one you see on the racks will have good info and coupons/discounts for shows and restaurants
  2. In every casino you go into (and before you bet a nickel) go & get a players/slot card from the customer service desk of that casino and ask them how to use it. This way you’ll be credited for your play at that casino & can earn comps (free meals/shows) while you are having fun.

Websites worth checking out

  • – quite simply the best Vegas website on the internet. It’s a must read if only for its monthly Top Ten Vegas Values list and show reviews.
  • – another great info website that has exclusive deals on a lot of different things.

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